Moonstone, decima puntata seconda serie, 23/03/2014: the Last.Fm playlist

Deathcamp Project
Deathcamp Project
Deathcamp Project

Acid Ice Flows  – Lidless eyes

AktiveHate – My own God

Anti-Venom – I tried to do my best

Avec Aisance – A second too lazy

A Spectre is Haunting Europe – BBQMS

Bankrupt – Cinderella

Best Left Unsaid – Sleep

Black Heaven – Glut Und Asche

Brain Damage – Une éte de serre (remastered)

Butt-Head – Don’t cry

Camp Z – From darkness to reality

Cloud Furnace – A single strand

Control + Alt + Deus – Perfekt Hatred (Aktivehate Remix)

Cyanotic – Sensory overload

Deathcamp Project – Rule and control

DHM – Ne Jestem Kontrolowany

Doppelganger – Democracy’s undead

Dream Metaphor  – Space traveller

Echo is Your Love – A song for Sea Scouts

Empire – Bang

Every New Dead Ghost – 1992 (live)

Fine Before You Came – Buio

Flawless – Words

Flight 2039 – Second to none

Gargaj – Rude awakening

Glorie – Falling

Godlike – Stalker

H. Zombie – Inner fears

Hapaloclaena Maculosa – ‘Cause they’re dying

Ikon – Amongst the runes

Kiev Office – Satellita

Killing Faith – Kreationismus

Krakow – Kasanovas – Roses are red (live)

Ladytron – White Elephant

Lady Bloody Mary – Staring into space

Los Carniceros del Norte – Posesion Infernal

Mallory – The house you were raised in

Model Reign – Cowboy gets killed

Monozid – Draussen

Motorama – Normandy

Neon – Planetscape

Nexus VI – Simulacrum

No Tears – Senso

Adolf Plays the Jazz – Frank Zappa needs haircut

Moonstone: suoni e rumori del vecchio e del nuovo millennio, ogni domenica dalle 21 a mezzanotte su

In FM su:

ITALIA 93.700 – 107.200 – 87.500 – 96.50 – 87.750
EUROPA 97.100

Per contatti:

Sonia Caporossi




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